The Athlete Inside Street Team

What is a Street Team?

A street team is a special group of people composed of folks who are excited about an artist, musician, or author, and are enthusiastic about spreading the word. Hundreds of thousands of books are published each year. With all the book choices, how do people decide what to read? Word of mouth! That’s where the street team comes in.

The Athlete Inside Book Cover

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Why Join the Team?

The main reason for joining the Street Team is the same as Sue’s reason for writing the book – to help others.  When Street Team members tell people about the book, they are sharing hope that transformation is possible at any age.  They are also raising funds to help those with disabilities participate in triathlon since 100% of the book’s proceeds are being donated to USA Triathlon Foundation for that purpose.

Street Team members will receive the book’s introduction and first chapter in late March – prior to the book’s release on April 28th.  They will also be eligible for give-aways.  And after reading the book, they’ll be able to chat “live” with Sue during a special online event held just for Street Team members.

What will I do as a Street Team member?

Street Team members will help spread the word about the book by:

  1. Join The Athlete Inside Street Team group on Facebook
  2. Share posts from the group on their social media
  3. Post an honest review of the book on Amazon