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The Athlete Inside hits bookshelves in six weeks – April 28th!  Yesterday, we posted a new “author / speaker” website in preparation for the launch.  Now, when people have questions about the book or my journey, there’s a website where they can go to get answers!  I couldn’t be happier with the site and want to give a BIG THANKS to web designer, Priscilla Borges.

I’m especially excited by these features designed to help others:

TIPS PAGE:  I’ve listed many of the questions I get about losing 200 pounds and give tips for weight loss and how to get started in triathlon.  I also give tips about the process of change drawn from my years as a change consultant for community leadership teams.

MEDIA PAGE:  The media page includes links to a Webcast Series called “Journeys Are For Everyone.”  The series includes videos related to the process of change like Goals that Energy, Plans that Produce, and Maintaining Motivation (coming soon).  The media page also includes links to  “How To” Videos to help people with things like putting on a wetsuit and maintaining a healthy eating environment.

BLOG:  Now that the book is written, I’m eager to return to blogging.  In addition to new blogs, you’ll find links to blogs dating back years to when I first started losing weight and gaining fitness.  It’s interesting to see how my body and confidence changed over the years.

ABOUT SUE:  Of course, this page includes a brief bio, but it also includes my faith journey and my thoughts about kindness and giving back.

NEWSLETTER:  Use the Newsletter Sign-Up form to subscribe to my new “Journeys Are For Everyone” Newsletter.

I can’t believe that the book will be out in SIX WEEKS!  As I’ve been know to say, Woohoo!


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