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The Athlete Inside follows Reynolds’s journey as she lost 200 pounds and found an athlete hiding inside her body. From her first walk to the neighbor’s mailbox to finishing sixth at the World Triathlon Championship, Reynolds discovered the joy of conquering fear and pride to find that the best version of herself had been there all along. 

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100% of the book’s proceeds are being donated to USA Triathlon Foundation.

Sue Reynolds

Sue Reynolds transformed from a morbidly obese person at 335 pounds to sixth in the world (and first American) at the World Triathlon Championship, competing on behalf of the United States.  Along the way, she lost 200 pounds and discovered what it takes to transform from a lifelong fitness lackie to a high performing triathlete.

Sue’s book, The Athlete Inside: The Transforming Power of Hope, Tenacity, and Faith, provides insight into the motivations and attitudes that make personal, institutional, and societal transformation possible.  Sue shares her weight loss, fitness, and spiritual journeys with humility and humor, and is thrilled when others share that her journey inspired them to begin a journey of their own.  Sue is donating first-year proceeds from the book to USA Triathlon Foundation whose mission is to “transform lives through sport.”

Sue provides motivational talks at conferences and other events across the country.  As she shares her triathlon story, she includes lessons learned from twenty years of teaching community leadership teams about the process of data-driven change, and invites audience members to apply that process to a transition they would like to make.  Sue’s main message is that we all have what it takes to become the person we wish to be.

Sue Reynolds



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“Sue was a joy from start to finish, and our participants were still talking about much they learned about transformations from Sue and how much they enjoyed her speaking style at the end of the week. Sue’s great.”

“I have heard only glowing reviews of Sue’s presentation. She captured imaginations and inspired people both with her story and her formula for transformation. That is a powerful combination.”

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In Sue’s monthly newsletter and blog, she shares lessons and tips learned from her own journey with weight loss, triathlon, and what it takes to be a peak performer. She also includes lessons about the process of transformation learned from three decades of helping community leadership teams management to process of change in their communities.

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